Strange Facts: The Peace Sign

Peace Sign

Last week I preached a sermon entitled Advent: Peace. While doing some research I became interested in whether the peace sign was really an upside down cross as I’ve heard so many times before. As you might expect, it’s not.

An English artist named Gerald Holtom designed it in 1958. He was against WWII and made this logo as a sign for that. It’s really the combination of the two hand held flag symbols. The symbol for N for Nuclear and the symbol for D for disarmament. The letter N is made by someone holding two flags in an upside down “v”. The sign for D is made by holding one flag straight over your head.


Ironically, the original plan was for a right side up cross in the circle, but various clergy dissuaded him using that. So there you have it, it’s not an upside down cross, it’s not a pagan symbol or any sort.