Berkley’s Birthday Tea Party

Berkley’s birthday was only a few weeks after we moved here, but she has been so excited about her birthday party for, well, months. And that means excited about inviting all her friends. All her friends that live 2 hours away. Mom guilt.

When we asked her who she wanted to invite, she first listed KC friends. When I explained that they live too far away, she suggested inviting her stuffed animals to her Tea Party. Poor baby girl. She also then suggested Andria, Morgan and Harriet. Why hadn’t WE thought of that?! She loved the idea that for once, she got these girls to herself!!

Her Big Day started with a Varsity Donut after dropping Bigs at school!

We gots a happy birthday girl today. #varsitydonuts

Then her tea party!! She also wanted Isaac there. He was an awesome sport!

Hat brought all the fun princess birthday stuff!!

Boo's Birthday Tea Party

Such a good hostess pouring everyone’s tea (which was actually Dr Pepper at her request)

Pouring a little Dr Pepper for  princess Isaac

Once the Bigs got home from school we had cake!

No, we didn’t have face painting. Andria got her scented markers and Hat was trying to show Boo how to have someone smell it and then get a little on their nose. Berkley didn’t totally understand this and thought they were face markers. So she asked for more face drawings and added some herself!

We couldn’t love these girls any more!


One seriously happy 4 year old and her sweet friends, despite the 15 year age gap! Thanks girls! @morgancasteel @harrietreymond


Happy 4th Birthday Berkley!!

At four years old

-She’s stinking hilarious! Her commentary all day long is our entertainment!

-Says “right mama?” after almost every statement she makes

-Still embraces being the baby. It’s her identity, but she still loves when she’s finally big enough to do things. Lately it’s “cause I’m 4, right mama?”

-Her favorite things to do are still color and play Polly Pockets and cars (which she plays like they are people)

-Loves food, but only if it’s labeled as a “snack”

Tazo Tea: Bags vs Sachets

Tazo sachets vs bags

As I’ve been drinking tea instead of coffee lately I’ve learned there are three major ways to brew it. In theory the quality goes from  best to least starting with Loose Leaf then Sachet then Tea Bag. Since Tazo produces both bags and sachets I decided to do a blind taste test to see if my very not sophisticated taste buds could tell a difference.

I used the same flavor of Tea which is called Earl Grey. This is black tea with Bergamot oil on it.

Bergamot comes from the Bergamot Orange which is a citrus fruit that grows naturally only on a tiny coastline in Southern Italy and Sicily. The legend states that The 2nd Earl Grey (also the prime minister of England during early 1800s) was given this blend of tea  in1803 from a grateful Chinese mandarin whose son was rescued from drowning by one of Lord Grey’s men. Since Grey never visited China it appears to be just a legend.

The blend has become one of the more universally popular types of tea. Goes well with milk and a little vanilla.

For this taste test I decided to make them the exact same way, same heated water, same quantities, same amount of sugar and milk.

You can see in this picture that the Tea is actually very different. It’s more like dust in the bag and larger leaf form in the sachet.

Earl grey experiment

The Sachet brewed a bit darker/stronger. Brewing


In the end I was able to pick a winner with one sip of each. The sachets are much better. Even blindly tasting it was very obvious. This is good for Tazo since you can get 20 bags for a little more than $3.00 at the grocery store and the sachets go for $7.00 for just 15 sachets and as far as I’ve been able to find are bought from an actually Starbucks store.

So about 15 cents a cup for bags or 47 cents per cup for sachets.