This. This is how I feel.

Ross King has been a very favorite of ours since our college days. He led the worship at a large group gathering we loved. We’ve followed him and bought every album he’s ever put out since. He’s honest, humble, and so articulate. Here’s a song from his most recent album that is spot. on.

Video: Laura Faces A Hurdle In Life

Laura and I went to the High School track to jog and when we were done we used a hurdle to stretch. She then told me we had to jump a hurdle, of course I told her we’re old now and will pull every any muscle in our bodies. One of things I love about her is she insisted we do it anyway. I told her I’d get it on video, but she didn’t realize I was recording a longer portion so that I could document what it’s like to be married to this crazy wonderful woman. 

So here is my life…