Where there’s a way, there’s a WiffleBall game

For NYE the Little Apple has a ball drop just like the Big Apple!

Here’s our Little Apple:

Aggieville New Years Eve (early)

Dec 2015

We took the kids to see it earlier in the day (cause my bed time is WAY to early to ring in the new year!). That’s when we learned the streets of Aggieville were closed down for the evening’s celebration

Aggieville New Years Eve (early)
So the only logical conclusion after learning this was to play wiffle ball in Aggieville!! Dec 2015

Dec 2015

Dec 2015

Beckham got a book of Star Wars paper airplanes for Christmas so an airplane has been going everywhere with him lately!
Dec 2015

And Berkley rode her go kart
Dec 2015

Dec 2015
Dec 2015
Dec 2015
Here’s her “Berkley face”
Dec 2015

She discovered photo bombing 
Dec 2015

Dec 2015Here’s some info in case you are ever pitching to Brian: he will swing at ANYTHING!
Dec 2015

Dec 2015

Home run! (we lost that ball to the roof)

Dec 2015

SP had a turn behind the camera

Aggieville New Years Eve (early)

Dec 2015

At one point a ball went down the gutter and Becks went to see if he could get it. He came back and said it wasn’t very deep and I jokingly said “Let’s send Berkley down there to get it then.” Brian says “No, it’s fine, it was a broken one” …as if I WAS SERIOUS!! 
Dec 2015

This one was a pretty good hit! Even the people in the “stands” watched it fly! 
Dec 2015
And Sadie Piper playing catcher!

Dec 2015

Dec 2015

Then the music started playing for a sound check, and we lost our catcher cause now she’s dancingDec 2015

Dec 2015Pouting. 
Dec 2015

Three seconds after that picture she breaks out into a huge smile. Faker.
Dec 2015

She may have a better chance if she kept her eyes open

Dec 2015Berkley face
Dec 2015

That’s a homer! Dec 2015

And then it got dark and we were home in time for my bed time. 🙂 Dec 2015

BBQ at Redeemer

Laura went to Dallas, I went to Wichita, Crazies went to B’s. When I returned we went to the Redeemer Missions fundraiser BBQ.

Emily C, Hannah and Alexis did a fantastic job on the face painting. Sadie Piper went with a unicorn while the rest of us were made into Ninja Turtles.

Here is Raphael

Michelangelo or Mickey as Boo calls him.

I was Leonardo

The face painting was awesome last night. Three ninja turtles and a unicorn #TMNT #ninjaturtles

Shari Felich took these next two photos. Thank you!

 Ninja Turtles from Shari

Sadie Piper from Shari

Sam did something to deserve Becks and Sadie Piper to chase him down with a water ballon.


In the end, justice was served.

Team work landed a water ballon squarely on Sam Ba-Sham

Sam also made this amazing strike zone

The strike zone of course betrayed him…
Elle & Annie were made into twinkie butterfly princesses. 
Twinkie face paint. @annie_prins


That Wonderful Wiffleball (in Photos)

Best #wiffleball field ever. Need to get a full game going on this. #wiffle #kansascity #monarchs


I love the Wiffleball. I love that it is like baseball, but playable just about anywhere and with as few as two people. I love that I can play in the backyard with Beckham without concern of breaking something. This stupid little ball is so great I thought I would share a collection of photos over the past year or so of family and covenant family enjoying Wiffle Ball. Above is Beckham and I at 19th and Paseo in Kansas City. Bob Reymond showed me this field and it was so much fun to play on.

Below is an impromptu Sunday morning game before Sunday School began. This picture almost feels like something from the late 1800s of people playing outside a church.

AM Wiffle before SS #wiffleball #wiffle

Here is a neighborhood game with Ron, Dillion, Gwen, Gavin and Ezra as Sadie Piper continued her pursuit of riding without training wheels. Also Laura, Katie and Tammy giving commentary in the background.

Neighborhood Wiffleball, chatting, bike riding and bug hunting

This is from a Sunday night at the Redeemer Barn Field.  Sam beaned Laura, Caleb went yard and Meredith and Emily danced.

Wiffle Ball At Redeemer #wiffle #wiffleball

Here Sam Basham gets a game going in his cabin at RiverRanch at bedtime. A light switch was busted, but Tim replaced that for less than a dollar.

Wiffle in the cabin. #wiffleball #wiffle

Here is another shot of the barn field from this summer, we even had foul poles, no idea how we failed to get a good picture of this.

#wiffleball #wiffle

While waiting for Baxter to show up for Oasis this game broke out. New Hope actually makes a pretty good field with a big stained glass monster wall in right field. Sam is pitching to Lenin in this shot.

Wiffle while we wait at New Hope Presbyterian

Rico and Sam get a game going during the Hanging of the Greens Chili Supper (never really hit the ball here, just for fun photo)

Chili supper and Wiffle Ball


Amy and Travis playing in our backyard. Red Sox vs Cubs.

Camera Roll-1141

I just put this in here cause she looks so cute in Astros stuff.

Camera Roll-798

Before Sunday night cookouts began we had this field which made for a fun game when people stood on the balcony to watch Homerun derby.

Overland Park-20120412-00086

 A second shot of Becks and I playing on this downtown KC field. This spring I want to take a group to go play on this. The building to the right is the Paseo YMCA. The players are all Kansas City Monarchs.

 Even Sadie Piper likes to play a little Wiffle. If she hits a ball she runs the bases while I throw extra wiffle balls at her.

 Laura at RiverRanch getting pretty serious.

 Beckham using the tee early in the summer.

Playing in the cement bayou in Houston.

Ubuntu vs Chloe last summer.

and the switch.

 Joy was always one of the most enthusiastic Wiffleballers at RiverRanch, she and Sam formed a team called “The No Buntus” They forbid Ubuntu from being on their team and also forbid bunting in general. Don’t let that stance fool you, girl can hit.