Christmas 2012


 We had an extra long break from school this year! I really loved having all our kids together!

We filled our time with baking lots. SP has become quite the baker

Camera Roll-575

She asked to make gingerbread cookies, so we did. We used Mel’s Thick and Chewy Gingerbread Cookies, cause she’s never let me down. Let me preface by saying I don’t like gingerbread cookies. But I looooooved these!!

Camera Roll-613

The day it snowed we made Snow IceCream of course! They morphed into Snow Milk Shakes!!

Camera Roll-602

Camera Roll-603

Camera Roll-610

Boys took this opportunity to play some Snow Wiffle Ball

Camera Roll-607

They are still loving these bears!!

Camera Roll-614

SP spent even more time decorating cookies

Camera Roll-633

Camera Roll-639

Berkley asked Howdy to draw her an elephant! He tried his hardest!! Haha!

Camera Roll-1359

Becks was very amused!

Camera Roll-1360

Camera Roll-1346

Sadie Piper sees a lot of things in life as stages. B and Howdy’s fireplace is one too! We did a little show.

Camera Roll-1352

Christmas Eve service:

Camera Roll-647