End of school craziness!

May is packed with kids’ school stuff: field trips, parties, field days, all sorts of fun stuff! Here’s some of the fun:

3rd grade went to K-State’s bowling alley

1st grade went to the Salina Zoo!

And so did 5th grade!

Field day!

One too many uses of the sacks for sack races meant Berkley killed it in the race!!

1st grade had a hot dog cook out for lunch. Berkley’s good friend Mason! (look at the height difference!)

3rd grade went to Konza and saw all the bison they raise there.

AND they went to City Park to play at the Splash Park.


It wasn’t a bad month to be a kid! 🙂


When I pack my lunch to go with the kids on field trips, Brian draws my napkins. He doesn’t disappoint: