End of Year Giving: 5 Great Places to Give


Today is the last day of the year. That means today is the last day to give contributions to nonprofit organizations so that the deductions count towards this year’s taxes. So here are a few places you can give where I am confident your money will be used well for the Kingdom of God.

I’ve been on both sides of giving and I used to think if I couldn’t give a big gift or give monthly it was worthless or that it was some sort of insult if I could only give $5 a month or a small one time donation. Now that I’m on the other side I can tell you we truly need both. Even $5 is not an insult, it makes us feel loved, encouraged and supported far beyond you could ever imagine. So please consider supporting some or all of these people, even if it is a very small amount; just seeing your name in our list is a great encouragement that I know many of us need.

1. Us of course, you can read about Church Plant in Manhattan and how you can help here or you can give online at GiveToRUF.org and typing in my name, “Brian Hough”

2. Jon Dunning is the RUF Campus Pastor at K-State. He is working right now to establish this new campus ministry with a great emphasis on teaching the Word of God. Jon is a great guy, he loves the Lord and handles well the need to help new believers wade into the Word of God, while also taking those who have walked with Christ longer deep into Word. Jon is in need of support for the coming year. You can give to Jon by going to GiveToRUF.org and typing in his name, “Jon Dunning.” I know he would really appreciate it.

3. Shannon Johnston is a missionary with a focus towards art and the art community. She is bringing the Good News of Jesus to a people group that very few can legitimately get into. Right now she needs support so she can return to Perth, Australia where she is helping with a Church Plant and ministering to the large population of artists. You can give support and help Shannon get back to Perth by clicking here. Even if it is only a small donation, please consider encouraging her by giving.

4. Sam Kassing is working with CRU at K-State and a great guy who cares deeply to see Jesus save sinners. If you desire to support Sam or learn more about the ministry he is involved in you contact him through Facebook here.

5. Robbie Hotz grew up as a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Overland Park; he was in high school when I began as the Youth Pastor there. Today Robbie is serving with Young Life on their college ministry at Kansas State. If you desire to give to Robbie click here. Then select button that reads, “A Young Life Staff Member’s Ministry” and type in Hotz. I know he would really appreciate any financial support you can give.

There are many more ministries and people worth supporting, I just made this quick list of people I’ve talked to recently and know could use the support and encouragement.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We don’t take for granted the body of Christ God has graciously given.