Funny Book

Boys FC Dallas

Me: “Berkley, we do this same thing every day!!” (I’m frustrated at her for having to tell her to put something away and not on the floor)

Berkley: “It’s a title sequence” (as in, it happens every time the same way on a TV show…)
Dec 2016
Brian asked his mom is if she met any boys at the family reunion
“No”Brian: “Mom, it’s a family reunion, I’m kidding!”
Dec 2016
SP: this is the worst foot falling asleep ever. I think it’s having a nightmare.
Dec 2016

Laura: who pooped in the toilet and didn’t flush it?

Berkley: Um, I’m pretty sure it was me
SP: No, it was me
Berkley: Yeah, it was her.

Oct 2016

We were talking about the state of Idaho. Beckham got the giggles:  “Idaho! It sounds like a bad word, or an inappropriate body part!”
Star Wars

We draw on the kids napkins every day they have a packed lunch. Brian was on napkin duty today:

Dec 2016