Funny Book

It’s no secret Brian is the fun parent in this house. We were discussing that one day and he asked the kids “What do you call the not fun parent?” To be clear, he was looking for a TERM. (As in, “the opposite of ‘fun parent’ is…’un-fun parent’ or ‘anti-fun parent'”)

The kids all simultaneously immediately said, “Mom!”

After a glare from me and repressed giggles from Brian, he clarified. “No, I mean what’s the word for the not fun parent?”

There was quiet for a few seconds and then they all chimed back in, “Yeah, still ‘Mom.'”


Yet I agree with these wise words:

“Let me let you in on a little secret . When I met your dad I was fun too, but I had to give all that up because you can’t have two fun parents. It’s a carnival.”

Our Chick-fil-a hosts Daddy Daughter date nights once a year. Last year Brian took both the girls together, and he said next time it would be better if he utilized both nights they offer and take the girls separately. He took Sadie Piper the first night and then told Berkley she was going the next night. Berkley asks, “Are we going to daddy daughter date night, or are we just going to eat at Chick-fil-A?” Poor girl thought SP got the real date and he was just pretending for Berkley. She wasn’t upset, just curious!

 Chick-fil-a date night   Date night

Chick-fil-a date night

Chick-fil-a date night

“I can spell Anastasia. A-n-a…s-t-a…never mind.”
-Beckham (on accident we chose a middle name for Berkley that’s impossible to spell. Sorry ’bout that.)

SP asked her Sunday school class for prayer for Dory (she went outside weeks ago and we haven’t seen her since). Then she said “never mind, we didn’t really like her.”

Laura: “You sure love cuddles Berkley.”

Berkley: “Yeah. I like the song ‘Touch me like you do'”

Oh. my.

Big box became break dance stage!

“Idaho!! {insert lots of giggles} It sounds like a bad word, or an inappropriate body part!”  -Beckham

Becks: it was my idea to use a tennis racket for an oar.
SP: It was my idea to use the broken one
Berkley: I didn’t have an idea!

I mean, I guess you have to appreciate the lengths she went to to pretend to be a dragon. But did it really have to be on a school night after her bath??

Boo green face

Boo green face

Boo green face

I kicked them all outside. They made personal tents and were reading in them.   

Brian- “This is like space vacuum weather.”

Laura- “What does that even mean??”
He then went on to explain and I had to ruin his new phrase by letting him in on the fact that we already call that “room temperature”