Halloween, Manhattan Style

The town of Manhattan loves Halloween. It’s celebrated a lot like Christmas in that it gets the whole month. Personally, we loved this and hit every Halloween thing we could! Hough kids live for dressing up, as mentioned before. So literally every event we went to they dressed as something else. (Thanks Scott and Laura for the dress up clothes!!)

This is Berkley’s homemade “Gus Gus” (the fat mouse from Cinderella) outfit that she planned for weeks.


First up, party with the Hiltons at the Dome! We slam dunked SP and Brian pretended to stunt like Damian….


Just for reference, this is Damian…

Watched “Monster House” on the ceiling!!


And life-sized Skee Ball courtesy of Damian and Brian!

Giant Skee-ball with kids in holes for added motivation

The college put on a kids carnival on campus which was awesome!! Tons of fun booths and wads of creative college students!

We dig face painting!

Painted pumpkins too!

Little castle for little Boo

The booths all had themes. At the Snow White booth you made caramel apples!! How cute is that??

Met Miss K-State. Not sure why Berkley is mortified by this.

Brian wasn’t as mortified! 🙂 If he wears Mss K-State’s crown, does that make him Mr. K-State?

If he wears Miss K-State's crown, does that make him Mr K-State? #ksu

We really do love anything with head cut outs!

Willie was there and Boo looks a little skeptical…

After the event on campus, Sadie Piper, the super observant child, said she wanted to dress like this in her jeans and boots:

Cause this is what she observed:

Manhattan has a LOT of parades. One of my favorite things about this place!! The homecoming parade was week of Halloween too! It was the BEST parade I’ve ever been to!!

Willie again!

Different princesses and different superhero.

Sadie’s was the only name we told people before her birth. And when we did the honest people told us that was a horse name. Or a dog. We never got that it was a cow name, but, well, lookie there…(fortunately Sadie the girl thought this was great!!)
This parade was especially fun because people we know were in it! Here’s Aaron!

This was a great idea of the water ski team!

And there’s Chris!

Who proceeded to pick Becks up and walk off with him!

You can see in this picture a few of the reactions that got. Chris must have seen the fear in the people around us, cause when he brought him back he explained (loudly!) “I KNOW HIM! It’s ok cause I know him!” I thought nothing of it, but looking back I can see how this might have looked odd…

The Dusty Bookshelf, a local bookstore, turns the whole store every year into a haunted house! It was spot on!! Not too scary for the kids, but enough. Perfect!

And we found a purple poodle. Seriously awesomeness

Afterwards on our walk back to our car we spotted some of the parade gear and Becks got to get in a race car!

And we got on a float! (These floats look like they are made of a ga-zillion pieces of tissue paper. Cause THEY ARE!)

Then the school celebrations!

SP’s cute class!

And then there was actual Halloween trick-or-treating!

Off to meet the neighborhood!

On a side note, of course Varsity donuts made the best Halloween donuts!!

Maybe Varsity donuts best one yet!!



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