Hide the yogurt!

Every Friday Dillons (it’s Dillons here, but it’s really Kroger!) has a “Free Friday” deal. You have to download the coupon on Friday, but then you have 2 weeks to redeem whatever it is they were offering. It’s sometimes a new product someone just launched, sometimes a classic and sometimes something really gross. Either way, when I bring something new or unexpected home from the grocery store, the kids all ask “was this Free Friday?” and 99% of the time, yes, yes it was.

Sometimes we love it (Oreo candy bar last week). Sometimes we hate it (bacon flavored Ritz).

But nothing has ever compared to this week’s:

Brian and I busted it out Monday when I got home from the store, but then I was literally back at the store Tuesday buying more, cause we wanted the kids to try it. Brian’s first words were “this is creme brûlée like.”

Beckham and I REALLY want to like yogurt. We just don’t. But when I tried this I knew he needed to try it too. When he did, he ate it all and then hid the blueberry one in the fridge so he could have it later! It doesn’t have that tart yogurt taste at all.

Brian researched these, shocker, I know, and learned that they are individually made in the little jar, not a huge vat then poured into containers. They put all the ingredients (there are like 3!) in each jar and it yogurt-ups in there (for lack of the technically term of milk becoming yogurt).

Bonus: they come in these great little glass jars! The sticker comes right off (take it off before you wash it) and now we have a lot of cute little jars. I’m anticipating having more of these than I know what to do with, but for now, I’m still on the “keep for snacks/small foods” stage.

So Beckham hid the blueberry one when he left for school in the fridge so he could try it when he got home!