Mini Maker’s Faire

One of Aggieville’s newer traditions is a mini-maker’s faire. It’s basically a gathering of people who have really cool hobbies or talents. We’ve gone every year, but this year’s was by far the best one yet!

Mini Maker faire

These people make bridges with only rope and wood.
Mini Maker faire

Mini Maker faire

I can’t remember the exact weight they said it would hold, but it was more than we weighed, so Brian and I got a turn too!
Mini Maker faire  Mini Maker faire
Mini Maker faire  One station was play dough making! Mini Maker faire

And making a book mark on a hand press!Mini Maker faire Mini Maker faire
We must not have gotten a picture (shocking, I know!) but Beckham made a marshmallow shooter gun from PVC pipe!

Mini Maker faire

Varsity donuts did Coke fountains…and their famous candy shooter!


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