Death in the Suburb

This afternoon I may have broken the fourth commandment when I made a snow man, however Laura did brake the 6th commandment when she murdered my snowman, I guess you could call her a COLD blooded murder. Here is a photo of Tiny and I with Mr. Snowman just a few minutes before the accident.

Let’s take a look at how the murder went down. Mr. Snowman is shown here posing with Laura.

This photo was taken moments later after Laura fired a shot from the sixth floor window.

Now we see the results of her attack, Mr Snowman is dead and Laura clearly is responsible.

After a further investigation some evidence has surfaced that might show Laura to be little more than a patsy. If you look close at the picture above you will notice that Laura was to the left of Mr. Snowman, while he does in fact fall back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left. Perhaps there was a second gunman on the snowy knoll and LBJ is really responsible, we will never really know…

Beckham's Birthday (sorta)

This past Thursday, Jan 18th we celebrated Beckham’s birthday (Jan 4th). See, he was born on the day that Texas University won a national title so it just doesn’t seem right that we celebrate anything on that day, besides he’ll never know from pictures that it wasn’t actually his birthday. Unless of course this post is still in existence. Anyway, we had the Felich’s over, ate a meal, had some Blue Bell, asked Shari to get a snake from an ice cooler, played some Nintendo Wii and called it a night. Good times. The picture here is of his cupcake which he had no interest in eating. For whatever reason he doesn’t care for sugar yet. Looks good on him though.

FC Dallas

Imagine that you were able to meet the Yankees or some huge team, I was able to meet a team so much better than them or anyone else. FC Dallas. Yeah, I know few even know they exist, but I would rather meet them than any other professional sports team. I felt like a really big dork and I was, but still a dork who got his picture with Carlos Ruiz (left) and Ronnie O’Brien, Clarence Goodson, Aaron Pichcolan and Richard Mulrooney (with Laura and I). This is in the Kansas City airport so now I expect I’ll see them all the time in K.C.

Bought a house

I have no money. I just accepted a position at Redeemer PCA in Overland Park, KS and already Laura has spent all my money on a home. I love the home and we can’t wait to get to Kansas and pour all of our life into youth ministry. I still hate blogs and I know George loves them when they are deep theological works and not about life. So I would like to take this time to say George loves N.T. Wright and thinks he is right on with the NPP. I would also like to request that George, Jay or Gun write about how to really live the Christian life, how might we become more sanctified in actuality. I’ve been thinking about Col 3:17, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” I don’t do that, but I want to. I speak and act in ways that benefit me, not the name of Jesus Christ. Sure I can hold myself up to those who do it even less than me and be proud of my accomplishments, but that would be stupid and I try to avoid stupidity whenever I can. That’s why I don’t take part in extreme sports or spend much time in Wal-Mart. Anyway enjoy the picture of our new home.


I have decided it is time to learn to tie a tie. I am 28 years old, have a 7 month year old and a masters degree, it is about time I learn to tie one. So after one day of practice this is what I have been able to accomplish.

He Stands Up

About a month ago Becks decided to stand up in his crib. He said it was no big deal and for his next big event he is going to beat Jay and Jorge in Pac-Man. A little history…Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man when Atari first came out with it, but after 1980s street vandels made changes to the name on the original machines they changed his name to Pac-Man. At one time in history there was even Pac-Man cereal and cartoon on television.

Becks new Kit

This is Beckham in his new “kit” as the Brits say. My brother Brad and his wife Joy bought it for him after they caught a case of World Cup fever and it the coolest thing he owns now. Now he just needs some cleets or rather “boots” and the ability to walk, then he’ll be ready to go.

Ahh…Here we go….

Everyone has a blog and I must say I think they are quite self-centered and arrogant since it assumes someone really wants to read what you have to write. With that in mind I’m ok if no one ever reads this, its just for our friends to check every so often so they can see what we are up to without actually having to call


One day a few months ago we stopped for gas and Becks asked Brian if he could help. Brian told already finished, so he told him he could help next time. Beckham has a wicked memory. So when Brian took him out today, Becks asked if he could help pump gas. Brian didn’t need gas, but stopped anyways! It was the first thing I heard about from him when they walked in the door!


Boo is Sadie Piper’s favorite part of Monsters, Inc. She’s not into movies, but when Boo comes on, she gets so excited and becomes captivated!