Pepper Watch Your Back!!!

Mi Ranchero, Hole-in-wall, no, a hole in the wall would seem more attractive at first sight. This place came recommended by Lydia (Church secretary) and had it not I would never have gone in to the previous Pizza Hut location (just a wild guess). Inside you almost leave the country, it still looks like a pizza hut, but few waiters speak english and soccer is playing on the two televisions. Real soccer with teams like the Aguilas and Chivas. No pink Sicilian teams in this establishment. Anyway, the place is not quite Tex-Mex, but dethrones Jose Peppers for the following reasons. Quality of Food is just as good as Peppers, it even comes with that odd Mid West Mex ball with flag thing. The price is cheaper, you can split a meal due to the size and free coupons for Espinaca Dip that come in the mail. The waiters are friendly and even brought free ice cream for Beckham to eat and exchanged broken trash talk about about the US national team vs. Mexico. I highly recommend this place inspite of the scary exterior. However for Jay and George, stick to Gloria’s sweet goodness.

Beckham and Barbie

Laura’s future sister-in-law has asked Laura to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Todd (Laura’s Aggie brother who lives in Dallas. He hates big overpasses, spiders and measures his confidence level by holding his had at some point between his head and toes). Do do so she sent out Barbie dolls that look like each girl and a picture of all the barbies representing the wedding party. For the record Laura is Beach Glam Barbie. Anyway I told Laura that if we let Beckham play with the barbie he may grow up to be gay based upon this one single event. Surely allowing your son to play with a Barbie will bring about covenant cursings (just a joke). Anyway, let it be known that I objected to his playing with Barbie and I must say I was a very proud father when he grabbed her by the head shook her around and finally threw her. I wouldn’t recommend it as gentleman behavior, but any rejection of Barbie at this point is a good sign. All this being said I did play with a She-ra (he man counterpart) doll as a kid and I’m not gay.

So close, yet so different

This week I have been sick, all I want to do is lay in bed and sleep. Anyway I emailed Tony and Nathan telling them that I would not be in on Tuesday due to the plague and here are their responses.

Nathan: May God have mercy on you. If you need me to fill in for chapel let me know, I’d be glad to do it.

Tony: Whimp

I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. I’ll also ignore that fact that Tony sent a second email telling me to get better. Two things have not been so different and yet worked so well together since…I’m still to sick to think of the punch line, please provide your own and make it better than peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps pizza and ranch dressing, but that might offend yankees.

Wild Beast in my Home!!

Here are a couple of old pictures of Tiny behaving like a rational being. The one is of him checking on Beckham the first week we had him home. The other was a morning that Laura brought Beckham into our room and then they all fell back to sleep, it is real though which cracks me up. For the record Beckham did not then and does not now sleep in our bed. Not that there is anything wrong with it!

Texas People Are So Annoying

Laura has mastered cookie making. I have mastered cookie eating. Becks still thinks his dog is called “ga.” Which is more than he knows about what to call his parents. The reason for this post however is to show Laura’s most recent cookie creations. They are Texas cookies and there is one Kansas cookie which had to be labeled Kansas so that it was not mistaken for Colorado, Nebraska or Sponge Bob. Of course the other cookies are a reference to FC Dallas, the greatest team to never win anything.

Searching for Great Kan-Mex

My search for the best Tex-Mex place in Kansas continued this past weekend as we tried the often recommended Tequila Harry’s. Unfortunatly Overland Park has not caught onto the recent trend of smoke-free enviroment. The food however was fairly good, not on par with Gloria’s or Posados in Dallas, but good none the less. The funniest thing about Mexican food here is that every resturant serves a glorified version of ketchup as salsa and then has a “hot” or “spicy” version for Mexicans and Texans. The Texan version however is merely a mix of the hottest peppers they could get their hands on. It is very hot, but not so good. All in all though there is good Mexican food here and so far the winner is Jose Pepper’s. Jose Pepper is actuall the son of Dr. Pepper, which is true and may be my favorite thing about the place. Anyway, the picture here shows a Kansas chip on the left and a Texas chip on the right. Just like the state, much larger, but really almost the same.

Lara in Kansas

My best friend came to visit last weekend! Needless to say, we had a great time! The ice storm came in the day she did (and actually left with her too!), so we got to bundle up and use our scarves even! And I’m happy to report that our mall excursion with Becks turned out better than our one last time (he was little…we were still learning what to do with a kid!)! Beckham had a great time with his Auntie Lara!

We went to Cabela’s– a huge hunter-ish store that I’m sure Jared would be jealous of. He would have loved it. Coop and I just looked at the dead animals. Lots of dead animals. She even knew what they were…Jared would be proud. I think one was a deer. Thanks Lara for coming to see us in Kansas…we miss you!!!!

Bob Loves Aggies

This is from some time ago, however it belongs on the internet and so it is. This is a picture of Bob expressing deep love for the Texas A&M Aggies.

Ok, really Mr. Reymond lost a bet when his beloved Missou Tigers lost a game against the mighty Aggies. Next I think I’ll have this framed and hung on my wall or made into Christmas cards. I look forward to his wearing an Aggie tie to church after he loses next year.

Death in the Suburb

This afternoon I may have broken the fourth commandment when I made a snow man, however Laura did brake the 6th commandment when she murdered my snowman, I guess you could call her a COLD blooded murder. Here is a photo of Tiny and I with Mr. Snowman just a few minutes before the accident.

Let’s take a look at how the murder went down. Mr. Snowman is shown here posing with Laura.

This photo was taken moments later after Laura fired a shot from the sixth floor window.

Now we see the results of her attack, Mr Snowman is dead and Laura clearly is responsible.

After a further investigation some evidence has surfaced that might show Laura to be little more than a patsy. If you look close at the picture above you will notice that Laura was to the left of Mr. Snowman, while he does in fact fall back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left. Perhaps there was a second gunman on the snowy knoll and LBJ is really responsible, we will never really know…

Beckham's Birthday (sorta)

This past Thursday, Jan 18th we celebrated Beckham’s birthday (Jan 4th). See, he was born on the day that Texas University won a national title so it just doesn’t seem right that we celebrate anything on that day, besides he’ll never know from pictures that it wasn’t actually his birthday. Unless of course this post is still in existence. Anyway, we had the Felich’s over, ate a meal, had some Blue Bell, asked Shari to get a snake from an ice cooler, played some Nintendo Wii and called it a night. Good times. The picture here is of his cupcake which he had no interest in eating. For whatever reason he doesn’t care for sugar yet. Looks good on him though.