We dig it: Telestrations

We love ourselves a good board game. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe not only has the best recipes, but the best games too! Here a link to all of her gift guides. Her games have the same reputation as her recipes: we’ve never tried one she recommended that the whole family didn’t love!! (The non-game ideas are awesome too by the way!)

Her most recent post included Telestrations. I’ve seen it before, and had it in my wish list even, but when it was at the top of her Top 20 games of all time list, I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. It’s basically a drawing game of Telephone!

What we love about this game:

  • Everyone can play and it’s the same fun level for all of us. (All players just have to be old enough to read and write)
  • Easy set up, there aren’t a billion pieces
  • You can play for hours, or 15 minutes
  • We laugh really hard…and who doesn’t like to laugh really hard??

Here’s a sampling of some of the directions this game has taken-

Here’s the first word:

I drew this:

Beckham guessed this:

So Sadie drew this:

And Brian guessed this:

Second case in point:

Sadie Piper drew “muffins”

We make fun of Brian for his extensive Astro’s hat collection…Beckham guessed:

As of lately…

Brian kept saying “Beckham!!” one day like he was about to have a serious talk with Becks. Poor Beckham would say “Yes….” and Brian would tell him “Oh, I’m just reading the back of your shirt.” This went on all day. It was their “thing.” Until one time Brian said “Beckham you moron!”…this threw Becks off as Brian tried to explain, he was indeed still just reading his shirt.

(Also, this story sounds like we are super mean to our kids and their childhood is a rough one. I promise they know our love language is messing with them!!)

Me and my little one were twinkies!

Nothing says small town like a town tree lighting! This is the third year they have done this event (we went every year but last year…it was like 15 degrees that year and we are from Texas, so we stayed home) and it’s grown every year! 

This year they had these 3-D like glasses that when you wore them, make EVERY light bulb look either like a snowman or a Santa head, depending on which one you were wearing. I know the technology in my cell phone, microwave, computer, etc is amazing, but this was the coolest thing ever! How did they DO THAT???

Brian bought this solely because it had a red head on it. I bet her’s is real…


These two are buds. Beckham is really blossoming into the coolest big brother there is.

Oct 2016

More crafts: today’s was a “Yoshi face”


These two call themselves the Littlests

Oct 2016

This was quite the dilemma for me at the store. (So I bought both)

Oct 2016

Brian’s desk working on a sermon. I felt like I wanted to make fun of him, but it’s not as cool when you are mocking someone for what? Too many bibles…? Yeah, no one mocks for that.

Oct 2016

Three peas in a slide.

Oct 2016

That one time ManhattanPres Particularized


God has grown His church. He’s grown our faith in Him. Last weekend we met as a church to go from being a church plant to a “particular” church…it just means we take the “plant” part off and are a “normal” church now with local elders! To God be all the glory!

Here’s Brian being installed as pastor.


And Tim and Travis installed as local elders. I’m so thankful for these Godly men to walk alongside Brian in leading our church body. They are some of the most wise and humble men I’ve ever met. We are blessed to be under their care.


This is right after Brian licked my face. Yes. Licked. My. Face.


I recovered.


Brian wears Astro’s socks on Sundays. Tony came and preached and I guess dug in the trash to find his own baseball team socks? 🙂


Also, the colors of this cake were eerily similar to the Astros! (we just asked them to match the logo colors, and they were a little brighter, but Brian didn’t mind obviously!) _MG_0395

We couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who has supported this plant for so many years in so many ways. I won’t get sappy, but it’s true. God-willing, this is just the beginning!

Drawings, writings and creations

Sadie Piper’s thank you to Brian…

Oct 2016

Beckham’s answer from his science test. (For the record she marked it wrong!)

Berkley can craft with the best of them. Paper, scissors, tape and staples are her love language. This day she made “stuffed animals” out of paper.

Oct 2016

They are stuffed with cotton balls or kleenex. All her.

Oct 2016 Oct 2016

Brian and I live by lists. We love lists. We can’t function without them. So we made the kids lists to help the kids stay on task and not forget things in the mornings. But I needed help from Brian on formatting, so he snuck this into Berkley’s list (the last item on the morning list). So now I hear every morning: Berkley- “Hey Mom!” Me- “Yeah Baby?” Berkley- “I LOOOOOOOVE Dadda!”

Another paper project going on around here are these. They are homemade Pokemon cards!

We go through A LOT of paper…


Moving to Manhattan to plant Manhattan Pres we were prepared for the transience of the college students. We weren’t prepared for the transience of the military. I don’t know why, we should have been, but that’s beside the point. The point is we lose friends. And that’s super depressing. Sarah reminded me (before she left also mind you) that we will all meet again in eternity and this just helps us have even more reason to look forward to that. And she’s right. But it’s still hard. This spring and summer we were hit hard with a lot of families moving all at once. One was Berkley’s best friend and his family. And his cool mom and one of my good friends Brandi who sent me a picture of this a year ago and told me I had to do this for crazy hair day this year:

Crazy hair day

Boozer crazy hair day.

Crazy hair day

“School” is played almost daily around here. Here’s Berkley reading to her class. Boo reading to her class

Adventuring! upload

The moment he realized he was out of Poke balls… (also backwards day at school, but I can’t say that’s the only reason his shirt is on backwards, it happens more often than you would expect!!)The moment he realizes he's out of poke balls.

Cemetery snack time after schoolupload

This month Manhattan Pres voted to become a particular church. That means we have 3 local elders and are no longer a plant (after the service to install them). God has worked in bigger and better ways than we ever imagined when we came out here 3 years ago. God has answered every one of our prayers and met every single need. We are just along for the ride of watching God work in his people. We’ve lived in Kansas for exactly 10 years. God willing we will live out the rest of our days here as well. If you would have asked us when we got married if we’d be more likely to live in Africa or Kansas, we most definitely would have both answered Africa! (cause really, who lives in Kansas??)

Here’s the petition the members signed to send to Presbytery.Signing petition for particularization

Brian gets obsessed with random things every now and then (he called it “a desire to be educated” I call it “obsessed”). This month it was Soda. After reading books and watching documentaries, he now knows everything there is to know about soda. One day he was telling me all about root beer (and I’m a good wife and pretend to be super interested! 🙂 ) and I told him Mel has a recipe for homemade root beer. And that was the last I saw of him until this:
oct 2016

Beckham is playing soccer this Fall and loves it. It never gets less awkward yelling “Go Beckham!” and having parents think we are soccer obsessed, but “if the cleat fits…”


Then these crazies just hang and watch

oct 2016

Brian said I could be the sweet little red headed girl!

Charlie and the sweet little redheaded girl

Random adventures

Geary Lake waterfall!

October weekend October weekend   October weekend

We arrived early to a promotion ceremony at Fort Riley and spotted these guys across the field, so off we went to check it out!!

Curry change of command

They said if you put a burrito in it it would shoot it out! They only shoot blanks though, so not quite as cool as burritos. Coolest job on Fort Riley though!! They even let us hold the props!

Curry change of command

Then we got to pet the horses too! And the horse wanted to pet Sadie.

Curry change of command

Brian spotted the Texas flag and trespassed into the bushes to get this pic! 🙂    Curry change of command

October in Manhattan

October may be my favorite month in Manhattan. Not only is the weather perfect, the leaves are changing colors (but haven’t fallen enough for us to be feeling bad about having not raked and bagged them yet) and there’s just so many fun things to do!!

This year Beckham is dressing as Cole Witt, a NASCAR driver. He likes him cause he’s an underdog.


Sadie Piper is Danica Patrick. She likes her cause she’s a girl. And she’s pretty.

@danicapatrick my daughter Sadie Piper is you for Halloween this year. #danicapatrick

KSU Greeks put on a Kids Carnival annually, it’s a lot of fun!!

Danica and Witt

Just in case you have an irrational fear of mascots, let this fuel your fire: all I asked to do was take a picture with him. Then there was this:

Get a photo with Willie they said, it's not like he'll eat you they said...

Kidding Willie, we love you!

There’s no shortage of pumpkin patches around here! Or corn to roll around in. This is Kansas…MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

We told them all to look straight ahead and not smile. When they asked why, instead of explaining Children of the Corn to them, we just said, “cause it’s funny for the adults.”MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

She’s serious about her corn mazing…

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

We are not…

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

What’s a pumpkin patch without a huge slide?

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

 MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

We spent a while trying to recreate this epic picture:


Our attempts were valiant, but sub par at best!

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016    MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

I love this picture!

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

Potato cannon. Brian makes fun of me cause when I concentrate hard I stick my tongue out a little. Who’s laughing now!? MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

Also, somehow there’s always birds that are caught

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

MPC Pumpkin Patch 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

Then there’s the Homecoming parade. Manhattan has a parade for most everything (and we will go to them!), but this one is our fav! It feels so small town!

One @miaranchito there

Aggieville parade

Painted hay bales are one of our favorite things!

Pumpkin Patch 2016


We want to instill a love of serving in our children (learned that from Sheri and have been blessed for years by Hat doing just that, but that’s a rabbit trail…) and as they are getting older, one way is by serving in the nursery at church when I’m scheduled. Beckham wanted to, and I told him it wasn’t play time, he was there for the kids. He agreed and was amazing with the littles (except no one wanted to play with me, he was a hot commodity!). At one point the game was “dress Beckham up”…he was SUCH a good sport! He had 4 or 5 different “outfits” put on him! My mom heart was happy to see this…:)


Go play in the yard they said. It’ll be fun they said. Spiders can't hurt you they said...
This picture makes me so uncomfortable!! It’s so awkward!! Yet still my favorite thing about life with Brian!

The Pikachu was such a good sport!…at least, I think he was. It’s not like he had much of a choice in the matter… Pokémon day at Hyvee

Point for construction paper and tape. They made themselves animals! (Also, Dory is on the table in the background. 10 to 1 I freaked out after I took this as I lunged for her)


Some days just scream  for Varsity Donuts! Molly sleep over varsity
Ok, let’s talk Coke. Soda. Pop. Whatever you call it from wherever you are.

Brian and I grew up drinking Dr Pepper. Exclusively. We haven’t had it in years and now when we try it it tastes like cherries. Weird. Anyways, I took Brian to the grocery store with me one day (which is like taking a child, he wanders around, pops back in now and then and puts stuff in the cart and messes with my budget!) and he came back with a Crystal Pepsi. Blast from the past! I remember this stuff from the 80s! We tried it and it was shockingly yummy!!

When I went  back the next week I was gonna grab some more, but they were out. This started a mission to find more Crystal Pepsi. I’m not going to stay how many stores we checked. cause that would make you think we are weird. But the mission ended by stalking and cornering politely talking to a Pepsi stocker in a grocery store and begging for information on this stuff! Turns out Pepsi puts it out every summer, but for a very limited time. So we randomly had stumbled upon it at the VERY end of the run. He tipped us off to a store he was at that morning that had the last ones in town! And we stocked up!

This also started a taste test to see if we love Pepsi and just never knew it. For the record, we don’t. Just Crystal. In the process we both discovered we prefer RC Cola to the others (and also Brian read a history book on Sodas, so he’s an expert now. And a nerd.)
The result of Laura becoming obsessed with a limited time only drink. Every last bottle we could find in town. #crystalpepsi
Speaking of nerds…@mklesondak Beckham scored an art project today at school, decoration for church building. You in? Free reign to do whatever you'd like.

Kids’ art teacher gave them a rooster cause Becks told him his dad loves them! Melissa is painting it for us for church decoration!

Purple Power Play

Purple Power Play is Manhattan’s annual Fall Kick-off. It’s a two day pep rally for K-State football kinda! There are booth and activities and shows and it’s all free! It’s a huge party in the park!

This year they had a really great bounce house thing- it was more of a obstacle from “Wipe Out.” You had to Superman jump to get across!

oct 2016

oct 2016

oct 2016

The local beauty school won this year for best booth (nothing official, just our opinion…but we did see them all and we did vote…). They had students and chairs and they gave you “spirit hair”!

oct 2016

We all took a turn!

Purple power play

SP’s was the best. But really, with her hair, you can’t go wrong!


Even the boys got in on the fun! (Watch out girls, they are catches!!)

Purple power play

The fire department brings a hose out and kids get to spray a wooden house that has “flames” in it. It’s really creative and fun! Berkley has a huge sticker on her face and is smacking her gum and putting out fires. All in a day’s work.

  oct 2016

Boys in a firetruck

oct 2016

Girls just looking cute!

Purple power play

Brian with his crew! These people make me so happy. You can’t be Kansas without having a group of people who dress up like this to attend events. You just can’t be.

Wizard of Is here.

I got asked a few times if they were all mine! 🙂


These next two pictures are like one of those “what is different?” puzzles.

  Purple power play

She keeps us on our toes.


To top it all off, on Thursday Bates Dance puts on a rock star show!!

And then, in true Hough kid fashion, the girls played “Purple Power Play” the next two days. Their booth was for DayCare. Note the banner they made, and the target behind SP is a game for the kids who come by.

oct 2016

oct 2016

Made a Twister game (that penguin is playing too!)!

oct 2016
And this is one of those skinny wheels that you spin and you win a prize (those were Berkley’s fav booths) and the bowl has those plastic wrist bands (a la Livestrong) that you can take too!

oct 2016

Super odd

Brian looked out the window when we were eating lunch one day and asked “What is that squirrel carrying?” It was clearly something large, but we couldn’t get our heads around what it could be. We went outside and watched this mommy squirrel carry her baby! I didn’t even know they did that!! Honestly, this only makes me sadder when I see one who didn’t make it across the street now…