Penguin Park in Kansas City

This morning we decided to continue our goal of visiting all 10 Parks on the Top 10 Parks in Kansas City list. Today number four and as of this post we’ve been to 6 of the 10 parks.

Penguin Park was originally built in 1957 and called Park of Lakewood Greenway. Seven years later Vernon Jones built a giant penguin in the park. This went over so well that they built more animals in the park. The park became known as penguin park in the 60s, but was officially renamed that in 1998.

It was a cool park to look at and I’m glad we visited it, but I don’t think it would be worth the drive to do so again since it is in North Kansas City. Here is the list for anyone else who wants to complete it.

  1. Loose Park
  2. Shawnee Mission Park (been there many times)
  3. Antioch Park
  4. Penguin Park (today)
  5. Sar-ko-Par (went there, but under construction)
  6. English Landing Park in Parkville
  7. McCoy park
  8. Fleming Park
  9. Overland Park Community Park (Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead), go often
  10. Macken Park

Penguin Park Kansas City

More pictures after the link.

That penguin looks pretty good for being 48 years old. Penguin Park Kansas CityThe park is divided into three sections that basically contain equipment for three ages of kids. Here is the section for little kids. Penguin Park Kansas CityPenguin Park Kansas CityPenguin Park Kansas CityPenguin Park Kansas CityThey found this UFO that made me sick just watching them spin. Penguin Park Kansas CityBerks rode every animal she could find. Penguin Park Kansas CityClearly this kangaroo has taught my family to fight. I blame the Australians and Russell Crowe for this bad influence.  Penguin Park Kansas CityPenguin Park Kansas CityI think this girl has been down a few hundred different slides in her life. Penguin Park Kansas CityPenguin Park Kansas CityThis is one of those nearly perpetual motion devices that cause extreme nausea in adults, but great joy in children. I gave them a twist and off they went round and round and round. Penguin Park Kansas CityPenguin Park Kansas CityPenguin Park Kansas City

I told Beckham I would take him off and for him to run as fast as he could to mom. He was so dizzy he ran into that medaling kangaroo and fell over. At least that is the story I was told, I still think Russell Crowe may have punched him. Penguin Park Kansas City

He recovered pretty well though. Penguin Park Kansas CitySadie Piper bailed on the twisting and I saw her from a distance just hanging out watching people from this really weird toy that I never figured out. Penguin Park Kansas CityEventually the kangaroo and I made nice and he gave Becks and a ride. Penguin Park Kansas City

I have no idea what Laura is doing, but I’m pretty sure that right there is the reason I married her. Lucky for her the Elephant was much nicer than the Kangaroo, he even stayed very still for like 45 years so people could climb up him and go down a slide some Kansas City Politician commissioned to be built on his back. Penguin Park Kansas City Penguin Park Kansas City

This us watching the Houston Dynamo preview show. IMAG1302.jpg