Problem solving at its finest

One nice Sunday afternoon Beckham climbed up into a tree

Stuck in tree

Cause he was Link from Zelda…notice the sword and sheath

Stuck in tree

He then realizes he’s a tad high and tells us he needs help getting down.

Stuck in tree

This is how Brian and I respond:

“Good luck with that” and stay in hammock and watch.

Stuck in tree

Enter Princess Zelda:

Stuck in tree

No prob, Bob. Berkley comes up with a plan. Stuck in tree

She’s going to tie the jump rope to his sword, then…well, I’m not sure what then. She said he was gonna use it as a rope and climb down.

Stuck in tree

We don’t know why the goggles any more than you do

Stuck in tree

Plan A not working. Plan B: “hand your sword down and I will do the tying down here”  Stuck in tree

“And then hand it back up to you.” Except Becks couldn’t reach it. Stuck in tree

OK, Plan C. “I’ll get a rake.” Cause that’s longer…??Stuck in tree

Please also note she now has one a swimming bubble (like a life jacket)

Plan D: “I’ll send you up my goggles so you don’t hurt your eyes” Stuck in tree

Goggles successfully delivered!!

Stuck in tree

Plan E: Becks- “Why don’t I just try climbing down?” Stuck in tree

We took that as a parenting win and went back to reading!    Stuck in tree

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