In Art class, Beckham’s class was assigned a sheet of the dictionary and told to draw a word from it. Beckham hit the 6th grade humor jackpot cause he found a donkey on his…! In his defense, his shading is spot on! 🙂

Art assignment by Beckham

Found this gem of a photo op on an adventure one day!! Cemetery


Becks, SP and Brian always leave Boo and I behind when we go through these kinds of tunnels…we aren’t the bravest of the bunch and I usually squeeze Boo’s hand too tight…it’s so DARK! And I can’t see what I’m stepping on!!! Under road near sunset ave

“Get dressed for a hike:” Inventure

“Get dressed for bed” (she has two outfits: footies, and school clothes. If she’s not going to school/church, she’s in footies)


Both girls got really good chops. There was so. much. hair. It’s been saving us a fortune in conditioner though! 🙂

We had to take the stinking cat to the vet, and he was cuddling on SP. And her sweet smile…  

This our routine most nights: reading and hair braiding!


After they shoveled snow, they wrote me a note! Snowy

Brian’s grandma used to make them mint chocolate chip milkshakes. He’s now introduced our kids to them and they are obsessed as well.