Soccer goals

Fun Director rule: The first goal you score of the season earns you ice cream. 

Berkley played soccer this year, and even she admitted “soccer’s not really my thing.”

But she ran and made a few good dribbles and passes.

Soccer Fall 2017

Soccer Fall 2017

She’s not the most aggressive player on the field…Soccer Fall 2017 Soccer Fall 2017

But she enjoyed sitting the bench! Soccer Fall 2017  Soccer Fall 2017

But mostly she just followed the ball. And once, when it was coming her way, she shrunk away like this:

Except it bounced off of her and into the goal.

And a goal counts a goal no matter how the ball goes in.

So off to get ice cream!

We drove through McDonalds and saw they had dipped cones!! I LOVE DIPPED CONES! So dipped cones all around.

But before we even all have our ice cream I look back and see this:

So I’m not calmly telling Brian to pull into a spot cause I’m not excited about cleaning up the chocolate that is inevitably going to get all over the car, even on the short drive home.

I don’t even know how it’s possible to get this messy…


I wouldn’t let her back in, just handed her a wipee and told her to go at it.