Stinkin’ cat

Mr Nubbers stays exclusively outside.

Until one day we noticed we hadn’t seen him outside of his bed in the garage for a few days…

…and then when I did he was only using 3 legs.


So we took him to the vet, and turns out he got in a literal cat fight. (We later learned there’s a new family down the street with an outside cat too, and Nubs was protecting his territory!)

All that to say, I was a softie and let him come inside while his leg healed. The kids took great care of him: 

That’s Berkley’s frog that she gives people when they are sick!

Poor cat was too gimp and/or drugged to care. He just slept through it all.

It looks like a gravestone, but it’s actually a feather of a turkey on a “Thanksgiving turkey.” Sadie Piper’s preface is pretty great!SP 4th grade