Taste of the Ville


Every Summer there is a fundraiser put on that is basically the greatest progressive dinner ever devised. 21 different resturants in Aggieville give a sampling of their food in exchange for a $15 ticket. We learned about this event Thursday Night and were bummed to find out it was already sold out.

However, Harriet Reymond surprised us with a pair of tickets and babysitting for the evening which allowed us to go anyway. This was just what we needed, we don’t find time to do date nights like we need to. This was truly refreshing for us.

The tickets serve as a punchcard, you go at your own pace in your own order and get a smaller meal every place. I was worried we’d be hungry still at the end, truth is we couldn’t finish the samplings. We made it to 19 of 21 places, but the last few we didn’t eat due to being so stuffed. Check out some photos from the night.

Radinas gave Galetto, Buffalo Wild Wings gave, you guessed it, Buffalo Wings. Varsity Donuts had these donut holes with a really cool dipping sauce. The lady in the background used to own a gift shop that was located where Varsity is now, fun time for her to come back to that spot to serve a good cause.

Starbucks gave fairly large iced coffee (or Hot Coco or hot Coffee), what was really cool was the syrups were out and free to use to make a fun flavored iced coffee. My expectations for corporate were low, but they did a great job being present locally.


Rock-A-Belly had fresh humus and pita bread. Coco Bolos had some sort of enchilada.

Tanners had these amazing Chicken Fingers (They call them Chicken Lips for some crazy reason).

Tasty China House had Sesame Chicken, fried rice and fried wonton.

Wabash had chili and was celebrating 80s day which explains her outfit.

Wahoo Fire and Ice Grill had tasty spicy chick Ka-bobs. The Goose served an interesting and tasty pizza.

When we went to Tubby’s we followed Eric Tippins advice to ask and people let you do just about anything. So we asked if Laura could get on the bar and sure enough they were totally cool with it.

This is Laura on a bar in Aggieville during taste of the ville. Probably worth noting zero alcohol is involved. Thank you @harrietreymond for making this date night happen. #aggieville

They even helped her do the K-S-U Cheer that Willie does.




The Pita Pit gave half Pita Rolls out and they were very tasty.

Kites had White Queso, that was addictive.

Fuzzy’s Tacos had Chicken Enchiladas, we also ran into Heather Tippins and her friend Megan. We swapped photos taking.

Next stop was Rusty’s Last Chance Mexican Restaurant where they also had enchiladas.

Then Keltic Star Public House. This phone booth is from place  15 minutes away the owner’s town across the pond.

They served this fried egg thing.

Bluestem had Vietnam Tacos, but the process had rendered us unable eat much more by this point so we regrettably didn’t try it. Here you see Ben (ManhattanPres Peep) and Ben. They were basically twins this day.

Cold Stone gave out ice cream. Afterwards we saw these swings in a front yard. One of them doesn’t look safe to me, definitely want to be one of the first two kids out to play.

Here are our score cards.

All in all one of the most fun events put on in Manhattan that we’ve been to. We plan to buy tickets first day they go on sale next year and would love to do it with a group next year if you’re up for it.

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